17th MWGM Bruce A. James Welcome Message

brucejamesWelcome to the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia’s website, where EVERY member is a valuable asset and where we are striving for perfection in the area of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. I am excited about the future growth and development of the Jurisdiction of Georgia. I believe and trust in the words of the Great I AM and know that through prayers and God’s Grace and Mercy,“WE”can and will accomplish the goals and objectives on“OUR” Trestle Board.

I would like to personally thank the Brothers for allowing me to serve in this honorable and prestigious position. I pledge to stand boldly upon the Square,Plumb and Level as I represent the Jurisdiction. I would like to personally thank and commend the Sisters of the Order of Eastern Star for their outstanding and dedicated support of the MWPHGL. Continue reading…

Georgia In Color

MWPHGLGdistricts1For a more birds eye view of our Districts we have color coded the jurisdiction, to better identify our demographics across the state and the counties that we service with our philanthropy and community service efforts for the respective counties within Districts that we serve.

A special thank you to Bro. Tory Keit (Foundation Lodge No. 592), for providing his talents to help bring this project together, for the Brothers and Sisters of this Jurisdiction and those that are visiting our website.  Click on the map for a larger detailed view.