17th MWGM Bruce A. James Welcome Message

brucejamesWelcome to the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia’s website, where EVERY member is a valuable asset and where we are striving for perfection in the area of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. I am excited about the future growth and development of the Jurisdiction of Georgia. I believe and trust in the words of the Great I AM and know that through prayers and God’s Grace and Mercy,“WE”can and will accomplish the goals and objectives on“OUR” Trestle Board.

I would like to personally thank the Brothers for allowing me to serve in this honorable and prestigious position. I pledge to stand boldly upon the Square,Plumb and Level as I represent the Jurisdiction. I would like to personally thank and commend the Sisters of the Order of Eastern Star for their outstanding and dedicated support of the MWPHGL.

It is my prayers that “WE” will work beyond measure to take community service, scholarships, aiding, helping and assisting the elderly and working with our young boys and girls to a level never seen before in this Jurisdiction. If we are good stewards of these endeavors, TRUST me, God will pour out HIS blessings that no eyes have seen and no ears have heard. Bottom-line, the deeds that we do will determine our greatness, so always remember;

Out of all that I do and see

Day by day I’m building me.

I alone have the right to choose,

What to reject and what to use.

It’s nobody’s workmanship but mine,

That can keep this structure true and fine.

Strong or feeble, false or true,

I build myself by the deeds I do.

I would like to thank God for His blessing. Secondly, I would like to thank Calvary Lodge No. 389 and Thomasville District No. 10 for believing, trusting and giving me the support and guidance to reach in my opinion the highest level of Freemasonry; the 17th Most Worshipful Grand Master.

To God Be the Glory!