Appointed Officers

Office Name
Grand Chairman of Trustees Flournoy Rollins
Grand Trustee Madison Price, Sr.
Grand Trustee Kenneth Morgan
Grand Director of Facilities Edward A. Driver
Grand Attorney Omari Crawford
Grand CCFC Michael Delgado
Grand Asst. CCFC James Sheppard, III
Grand Chaplain W. B. Sales
Grand Chaplain Enos Garvin
Grand Chaplain TBA
Grand Worthy Patron Cecil “CJ” James
Grand Associate Patron MacAuthor Walton
Grand Convention Coordinator Marvin Nunnally
Asst. Grand Convention Coordinator Sis. Joyce Gilchrist
Grand Senior Deacon Arthur Willis
Grand Junior Deacon Steve Reynolds
Grand Senior Steward Marshall Tensley
Grand Junior Steward J.B. King
Grand Marshall Titus McGriff
Grand Assistant Marshall David Bacon
Grand Tyler Rod Jones
Grand Assistant Secretary Aldric Little
Grand Assistant Secretary Murrie Barnett
Grand Assistant Secretary Robert L. Mathis
Grand Assistant Secretary Shubert Lane
Grand Assistant Treasurer John E. Parker
Grand Assistant Tyler George King
Grand Historian David Gillarm
Grand Assistant Historian Ron Robinson
Grand Physician Dr. Anthony Howard, MD
Grand Nurse Torence McNelson, RN
Grand Director of Technology TBA
Grand Director of PM Degree Ira Moreland
Grand Director of PM Degree Emeritus Ralph Kemp
Grand Assistant Director of PM Degree James W. Johnson
Grand Director of Music Sheldon Roberts
Grand Director of Security Ruben Redd
Grand Assistant Director of Security Kenneth Baldwin
Grand Security Rudolph Smith
Grand Security Chaison Gideon
Grand Security TBA
Grand Secretary of MRA Antonio White
Grand Assistant Secretary of MRA TBA
Grand Director of Sales James Gant
Grand Chairman of Public Relations Joel Baker
Grand Assistant of Public Relations C.T. Martin
Grand Director of KOP PGM Willie L. Williams
Grand Assistant Director of KOP Aldric Little
Grand Director of Photography Curtis Jenkins
Grand Director of Equipment John Noird, Jr.
Grand Assistant Director of Equipment Tom Kennebrew
Grand Director of Transportation TBA
Grand Director of Scholarships Jere’ Hawkins
Grand Director of Veteran Affairs Carl McKinney
Grand Asst. Director of Veteran Affairs Christopher Parham
Grand Editor Masonic Digest Brian Garner
Grand Director Masonic Education Doug Evans
Grand Lecturer Dwight Hartage
Grand Lecturer Ezekiel Walthour
Grand Director Community Outreach Jerome Williams
Grand Asst. Dir. Community Outreach TBA